Van Der Graaf Power Supply

by M2Tech

When it comes to high audio performance, the quality of the current that is supplied to a Hi-Fi equipment is of paramount importance. Noise in the supply current can be injected into the sound or coupled to critical circuitry, such as a DAC clock, causing less than optimal performance.

A low noise power supply is therefore imperative to squeeze the last drop of sound quality out of your DAC or amplifier. Of course, a low-noise design requires component quality, board space, and cost beyond what is acceptable in cost-effective designs.

This is why M2Tech offers the Van der Graaf MKII: users who have purchased the Young MkIV, Nash, Marley MkII or Tosh can later allocate some of their budget to increase the performance of their equipment by adding the Van der Graaf MKII.

Extremely easy to use, its benefits range from greater stability of the clocks in the DACs (with relative greater sharpness of the soundstage and rendering of details) to a darker background due to the bed of lower noise.

The Van Der Graaf MkII features four outputs: two single voltage and two triple voltage. The former are suitable for the Young MkIV and the Tosh, the latter for the Nash and the Marley MkII.

The Van der Graaf MKII remembers the order used by the user to activate the four outputs: when it switches off, it follows the reverse order and remembers the activation order at the moment of the next ignition.

The Van der Graaf MKII is equipped with an IR receiver and is able to intercept the on/off commands of the infrared remote controls of all other Rockstars series units. This allows the user to turn all connected units on and off with a single command with the correct switching order.


Crosby, Young, Gifted and, ahem, not Black… John Scott dates the separate Rockstars of M2Tech and finds himself powerless to resist their charms…
In my reviews I have often touted the benefits of a good power supply. I doubt that M2Tech skimped on the internal power supply of the Nash, but there should be no doubt the fact that there will be sonic advantages to using the optional Van Der Graaf MkII external power supply...
Van Der Graaf MkII is based on a high-quality, medical-grade AC/DC converter which is able to deliver hum-free 24 Volt bulk voltages....
Il Van Der Graaf MkII è un alimentatore multiuscita per un massimo di quattro componenti M2Tech, che ha detto che la tensione di uscita può essere 5V, 9V o 15V e quindi questo alimentatore potrebbe essere accoppiato con componenti di altre marche. Ha uscite su prese coassiali (9V o 15V) e XLR a quattro pin (5V + 15V), ci sono interruttori per selezionare quale uscita è attiva sul davanti.
The Van Der Graaf MkII is a multi-output power supply for up to four M2Tech components, which said the output voltage can be 5V, 9V or 15V and therefore this power supply could be coupled with components from other brands. It has outputs on coaxial (9V or 15V) and four-pin XLR (5V + 15V) sockets, there are switches to select which output is active on the front.
The first impression you get from this set is the modesty, simplicity and good taste of its design....


Residual noise:

3 uVrms (5Hz to 22kHz)

Inputs and Outputs


mains power supply (VDE socket)


2x 9 VDC or 15 VDC (5.5/2.1mm jack)
2x 5 VDC/+15 VDC/-15 VDC (4-pin XLR)


Dimensions and Weight


200x200x50 mm (WxDxH)


net 3 kg (including ancillaries)
gross 3.5 kg


Supply voltage:

90-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Total output power:

50 W

Power consumption:

60 VA

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