ZV8 X Turntable

by Zavfino 1877

The ZV8 Edge Series turntable was designed and engineered using various techniques to eliminate resonance and standing wave vibration. It’s plinth’s unique cut away shape; sharp curves and untraditional angles are all done in the name of vibration elimination. This paired with mixing other materials such as POM, brass, Teflon, and a acrylic platter effective deadens the plinth so it doesn’t carry or amplify and unwanted vibration to your cartridge.  

The ZV8 Plinth is CNC machined out of a solid sheet of aircraft grade aluminum and milled it with a diamond tipped milling blade with the  result being a super fine grid free finish that won’t pick up resonance. Secondly on the underside of the platter we contoured machined the platter on a gradient for the purpose of  dissipating  vibrations.  Finally we isolated the platter and bearing from the plinth using a 15mm acrylic disc mounted to the plinth. The stainless steel bearing is then fit inside the disc isolating  the bearing from direct contact with the Plinth.    

ZV8 comes standard Aeshna series aluminum and carbon tonearms and we offer an optional adaptor for a second Aeshna arm or can provide fittings for other premium tonearms and vintage arms up from 9.5-12 inches on request.

The ZV8 also comes standard with a fully independent motor supply in a 2kg aluminum housing regulated by an AC regenerating circuit, which allows for a perfect AC current that can be slightly adjusted at 33.3 & 45rpm. This option allows users to get the absolute most out of their listening experience free from swapping pulleys or belts.

 *For further information or more detailed specifications please contact your local Zavfino 1877Phono dealer

● 60mm CNC diamond cut contoured POM  platter
● Stainless steal bearing housing with cold fit copper wall insert. PTFE thrust plate and ceramic ball bearing. *Cryo-treated
● Plinth is solid CNC machine cut aluminum with acrylic Anti-vibration bearing sub-plate.
● CNC machined solid aluminum  foot with chrome adjustment spike.
● Optional second arm socket for additional tonearm up to 10.5"
● Aeshna tonearms: Comes standard with Aeshna Satin black tonearm with upgrade option. (see dealer)
● Table Colours- Satin Black,  Satin Aluminum 
● 16V AC motor in independent aluminum motor housing 1.8kgs, machined from solid block of aluminum
● POM engineered resin pulley with silicone belts
● External AC regulator with fine pitch control for 33.3rpm/45rpm operation
● Gross weight: 22kg/48lbs

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