U_Basik 5/8

by Audel

audel musical excellence from Italy


U-Basik 5/8

The first monitor between tradition and innovation

With the U-Basik model we want to test our ability to deal with a typology present, massively, in the international hiend market.

Walter Carzan's pencil has redesigned and rethought  the traditional "monitor" model with simple gestures.

The designer has given uniqueness and personality while proposing a solution, once again, minimalist.

Innovative character and innovative technology interact with the volumetric simplicity that has always characterized the more traditional solution of the loudspeaker.


an uncompromising project 

Still high-end components 

The collaboration with Danese Sb Acoustics continues.

We have selected a 5-inch woofer with a thick aluminium basket, to optimize its resistance and rigidity.

A generous low-end driver made with a non-conductive fiberglass voice coil.

The tweeter is a 29mm model with an aluminium flange.

The first-order crossover, in the most rigid Audel tradition, guarantees tonal affinity with the more expensive models in our catalogue.


IRS evo (Internal Ribs System)

The new " rib " assembly system guarantees a mechanical stiffening of superior quality, as  the alternating thickness acts as  a bracing .

The  resulting channels are used for a " reasoned " insertion of the sound-absorbing material, so as to prevent the formation of standing waves inside the cabinet. 

The drivers are mounted on a 30mm plywood panel. 

The separation of the two blocks, subsequently fixed with screws and separated by  a  sheet of HPL, guarantees further stability over time by the  birch plywood .



  • SYSTEM: 2.0 integrated bass reflex 
  • CABINET: Multi-panel System - Structure laminated birch wood
  • TWEETER: 29 mm soft dome
  • WOOFER: 5  inch
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 47 Hz - 25,000 Hz
  • SENSITIVITY: 88.5 dB
  • FINISH: Birch cabinet - beeswax surfaces
  • DIMENSIONS: 350 x 220 x 208 mm (HxWxD)
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 20 Kg pair.



U-Basik 5/8

versatile and  efficient!

Designed to satisfy a demanding audience, open to varied musical genres, U-Basik, at the expense of its small size, guarantees a wide and detailed frequency response. 

Deep and fast bass range, precise and never tiring mid-high range.

If placed in rooms not exceeding 25 square meters, U-Basik could satisfy every type of need, especially with acoustic, jazz and vocal musical genres.

Timbre balance and correctness are revealed in a large and well focused sound stage. 

U-Basik is a new Audel excellence with a very interesting quality / price ratio!


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