Direct Wire

by Zavfino 1877

OCC Tonearm Direct Wire Cable

Litz Teflon Insulated 4x33awg with ZSP RCA (2m)

This 1877PHONO 5-Litz-7 + Direct Wire resetting kit has been manufactured in one piece allowing direct connection to your tonearm.
The materials and technology used make it a product of choice for anyone who wants to improve or repair tonearms.


  • Design: V-Wound ™ 33AWG
  • Conductors: copper (PC-OCC)
  • Conductor section: 4x 0.0255 (4x33AWG) twisted
  • Conductor type: Double polyurethane insulation, enamelled, color coded
  • Resistance to temperature: 155C °
  • Direct welding facilitated by the enamelled coating acting as a flux
  • Insulating tube composition: PTFE / TEF
  • Insulation: AL strap. Mylar + braiding copper shielding
  • Sheath: PVC
  • RCA Connectors: 1877Phono ZSP-4 24K
  • Weight: 24K Gold plated crocodile clip + OFC copper conductor
  • Outside diameter of the cable: 7.5 mm
  • Sheathed litz wires - sheath diameter: 4mm


  • From RCA splitter to Litz wires: 200cm
  • Total length of Litz threads: 50 cm

Connection detail for the wires:

  • Pair 1: Red / Green (Hot spot: Red)
  • Pair 2: Transparent / Blue (Hot Spot: Transparent)
    On some cells Transparent = White

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