Larson Class A Mono Power Amplifier

by M2Tech

The Larson is a pure solid-state Class A power amplifier with the best qualities of a single-ended triode tube amplifier.

Its “near single-ended” circuit, with low feedback and wide open-loop bandwidth, delivers fast, vivid and detailed sound, with free dynamics that give the listener the impression of being in front of an amplifier much more powerful despite the nominal power of 20 Wrms into 8 Ohms and 40 Wrms into 4 Ohms.

Best suited to medium or high sensitivity speakers, the Larson will make even difficult speakers sing.

While most claimed “Class A” amplifiers on the market are actually high-bias Class AB designs, the Larson is a true Class A amplifier. In
fact, its output transistors never turn off, no matter the power or the output current.

Versatile and Easy to Use: The Larson boasts single-ended and balanced inputs, trigger input/pass-through, and versatile universal speaker binding posts that accept bare wire, bananas, spades, spades, and lugs.

The elegant and compact design matches perfectly with that of all other Rockstars products.

Please note these are priced as single mono blocks. For a Stereo System you will need to order a quantity of 2.



0.1% (20 Wrms, 8 Ohms)

Signal to noise ratio:

105 dBA (20 Wrms, 1kHz)

Entrances and Exits


Single-ended (RCA)
Balanced (XLR female)
Trigger (input/pass-through, 2 x 3.5mm jack)
Power (6 pin high current)


Clamps (accept bare or banana-terminated wire, spades, spades, lugs)


Dimensions and weight


220x210x220mm (WxDxH)


net 11.5 kg (including accessories)
gross 13 kg


Output Power:

20 Wrms @ 8 Ohm
40 Wrms @ 4 Ohm
30 Wrms @ 2 Ohm

Supply voltage:

48 VDC

Energy consumption:

185 VA

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