Magika Mk 2

by Audel

Magika mk2

A bookshelf without compromise

After the success of the first series, we have improved the quality of the tweeter and stiffened the cabinet providing an even better performance sound quality.

Magika is the ideal bookshelf solution with an amazing quality/price ratio!

With Magika mk2 we have demonstrated that there is no limit to excellence.

hi-end components

new tweeter

The  mk2 version features the  new Sb acoustic "Satori" series  tweeter ,

characterized by a decoupled black aluminium front flange. In this way the vibrations generated by the woofer and transferred to the cabinet do not influence the micro oscillations of the tweeter.

Balanced  double compression chambers  for better dynamics.

The woofer, 16cm in woven polypropylene to obtain excellent damping, guarantees a uniform and extended frequency response.

A unique reinforced rubber suspension reduces radial resonances.

IRS (Internal Ribs System)

a continuous search...

The new " rib " assembly system guarantees superior mechanical  stiffening , as the alternating thickness acts as  bracing.

The  resulting channels are used for a " reasoned " insertion of the sound-absorbing material, so as to avoid the formation of standing waves inside the cabinet. 

The drivers are mounted on a 36mm plywood panel. The woofer flare is shaped so as not to cause the tube effect due to the thickness itself.

The elegance of sound

a bridge between tradition and innovation

The mk2 series is characterized by new and precious Walnut and Canaletto (Burl) Walnut effect veneers.

The elegance of surfaces that have always been considered a symbol of luxury is combined with the freshness of the minimal design dictated by the language of Audel products. 

The result of this synergy is, once again, the ability to renew itself in the wake of quality and tradition.

 SYSTEM: 2.0 integrated bass reflex 

• CABINET: Multi-Panel System – Structured laminated birch wood

• TWEETER: 1st soft dome

• WOOFER: 5 1/2" New Curve cone 

• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz – 25,000 Hz





• FINISH: Birch cabinet – Various wood cover – beeswax surfaces

• DIMENSIONS: 380 x 200 x 288 mm (HxWxD)

• WEIGHT: 18 Kg pair.

Finishes Shown Art, Burl Walnut, Walnut and Zig Zag

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