Majestic USB 2

by Zavfino 1877

USB 2.0 Cable 

PC-OOC Copper Conductors Insulated with PE Air-Foam Dielectric (1.5m)

Majestic USB consists of two independent twisted pairs for dedicated signal and power transfer. As with all of our Majestic series cables we  tight pitch the internal conductors then extrude un-recycled PP/PE then tight twist the cores for maximum transmission and EMI/RFI protection. 

The Majestic USB cable is hand soldered and assembled in-house by our own technician who takes great care in the delicate soldering of each pin assembly. 
Both USB-A and USB-B heads are terminated with a 5% silver solder and we send out the raw connector shells  and pins for gold plating before assembly. 


● Conductor: OCC High conductivity conductor
● Ultra Sonic-7™  electrically charged water bath
● Insulations: PP dielectric signal pairs/ RoHS PVC dielectric pairs 
● Tight Pitch twisted audio and power pair  
● Shield: Aluminum kapton film
● Shield: Copper high pitch fine strand braid
● RoHS/Reach PVC jacket
● 24K Gold plated USB-A to USB-B 

● Now with Deep Cryo treatment (Raw Conductor Only)

UltraSonic 7 High Voltage / Thermal Break-in
This is a two-stage process. In the first stage we draw the bare conductor through a ceramic die into an ultrasonic cleaning chamber that bombards the conductor with multiple ultrasonic frequencies. This emulsification process removes all debris from the surface of the wire down to the molecular level and leaves absolutely zero residues. After each individual wire is processed, we strand it into bundles and then subject the bundles to further treatment. During the second stage of the ultrasonic burn-in, we increase the voltage to a higher level that’s just below the threshold of the conductor. This adjustment in temperature allows us to get a unique “break-in effect” normally associated with cables that have had 30 to 40 hours of signal and/or current run through them.

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