U-Basik 6/3

by Audel

U-Basik 6/3

yet another exercise in innovation, in the wake of tradition

With the U-Basik 6/3 model we want to complete the family of our monitor proposals.

Compared to the 5/8 model it increases in volume (21lt vs 8lt). A larger woofer guarantees both greater  frequency  extension in the low range and greater dimension of the sound stage.

We recommend U-Basik 6/3 for providing sound to listening rooms larger than 30 m2 and for listening to orchestral  music .

Champion in versatility

Still the  ideal components...

The collaboration with Danese Sb Acoustics continues.

We have selected a 6-inch woofer with a very thick aluminium basket, to optimise its resistance and rigidity.

A generous 6.5-inch low-range driver made with a non-conductive fiberglass voice coil.

The tweeter is a 29mm model with an aluminium flange.

The first-order crossover, in the strictest Audel tradition, guarantees tonal affinity with the most expensive models in our catalogue.

U-Basik 6/3 is designed to be an excellence of versatility, guaranteeing emotions from Rock to classical concert music 

IRS evo (Internal Ribs System)

continuous research... even more advanced

The new " rib " assembly system guarantees superior mechanical  stiffening , as the alternating thickness acts as  bracing.

The  resulting channels are used for a " reasoned " insertion of the sound-absorbing material, so as to avoid the formation of standing waves inside the cabinet. 

The drivers are mounted on a 20mm plywood panel. 

The separation of the 3 blocks, subsequently fixed with screws and spaced by   10mm thick HPL sheet, guarantees further stability over time of the  birch plywood .

• SYSTEM: 2.0 integrated bass reflex 

• CABINET: Multipanel System – Structure laminated birch wood

• TWEETER: 29 mm soft dome

• WOOFER: 6  inch

• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 41 Hz – 25,000 Hz





• FINISH: Birch cabinet – beeswax surfaces

• DIMENSIONS: 430 x 280 x 336 mm (HxWxD)

• SHIPPING WEIGHT: 55 Kg pair.

Signature Version

the Italian style...

The Signature proposal continues!

an elegant 3mm solid wood covering makes our products even more refined and valuable. 

With the Signature line we try to meet the taste of those who want a more classic image  of the Audel product, but it is also an opportunity for an artistic journey with finishes that will colour your sight and your heart.

You can choose whether to continue in the Audel tradition with exposed birch plywood, or whether to opt for our new fantastic Signature finishes

... then Signature Stand!

versatile and  efficient!

U-Basik 6/3, due to its considerable size and high weight, is offered with a wider choice of supports. 

Compared to the other models in the models in the catalogue,

U-Basik 6/3 has been studied in two different solutions. The first is the re-adaptation of the stand already used on the 5/8 model (U-Tripod6), while the second solution is our signature stand, a heavy stand that guarantees maximum sonic performance and perfect stylistic alignment. 

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